DTB Flavour # 11 – Static Structures (Ecosse)

DTB Flavour #11 Static Structures

DTB Flavour #11 Static Structures

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Static Structures was born in the top hat of the United Kingdom; Scotland. in the mid 90′s that he first got into the early Hip Hop, Hardcore and Jungle scenes of Glasgow. He has been Djing throughout the UK in the early 2000′s before he took residence in Brisbane, Oz in 2008. Freshly arrived from the nice weather of the UK, these bass heavy broken beats that were in his blood adapt to the burning sun of Australia and he continued to DJ up and down the East coast of the continent.

He released his first EP ‘Strux Dux’ in 2016, follow up the album ‘Infra Strux’ was released on the Jon Kennedy Federation label in 2017. His EP’s and album continue to receive airplay around the globe gaining support from the likes of Doc Scott, Om Unit, Ray Keith, Skeptical, Benji B, DJ Krust and many more. Since then, Static Structures has been honing his live show, supporting Dub Phizix, Chunky, Digital, Nomine, The Freestylers and House Shoes on their Australian tours.

The Drumtabass team met the animal when he was performing on the Beach stage at Outlook Festival 2018 and we stayed in relationBassship with Darren.

The crazy Duck accepted our invitation to answer some Drumtabass questions and dug into his record boxes to cook up a unique mix…

Hi Darren, for our northern followers that may have never heard of you, could you introduce yourself and tell us more about your relationship with the Jungle scene ?

Hello, My name is Static Structures and I Produce and DJ Jungle and DnB and anything dirty with a break beat. I grew up in Glasgow so the jungle scene wasn’t very big there in the early to mid 90s. I was introduced to jungle through traveling raves such as Fantazia, Dream Scape and the Rezerection, which used to come through town every now and then. And tape packs from raves that were getting passed around at the time. I was a bit young but looked older so got away with sneaking in to gigs undetected.


You delivered us a very special mix that proves your skills as a Producer and DJ. You told me that you have a couple of releases on the horizon. Can you take us through your future productions? Ep? Album?

I have 2 new EPS coming out very soon. One at the end of March and the other at the end of April. Both 4 trackers for the local Brisbane label Drty Shdws Prjkt. There’s a lot planned for 2020 so keep an ear out for releases on a few other labels through the year. I was going to put a couple of the new tunes in the mix but I had too many other excellent records from other people that I wanted to put on there so you can pick the up soon.

If you have to choose ONE music that leds you to these broken beats?

I’m going to say old funk and soul music. My Dad was an old soul head from the Gorbals in Glasgow so I grew up listening to excellent soul music then my big Sister was into Breakdancing in the 80’s so I used to pinch all of her crews records and eventually got the Electro Street Sounds compilations. Sorry that’s more than 1. If I had to choose 1 tune or piece of work from a genre back in the day that really influenced my pathway in music it would be the Prodigy Experience album released in 1992.

We know there is only one vibe running in your veins: Underground Bass Music. But what freaky songs are in your headphones?

Yes, I may lean towards producing bassy broken beats but I listen to a weird and wonderful eclectic range of music. As mentioned before, I love old soul music but hunting for samples lead me into territories from Experimental Dub, Old Prog Rock, Library Sounds and World Music from the 70’s and 80’s. Check out Elias Rahbani – Dance of Maria. One of my all time favourites!

Thames or Byron Bay?

Thames in my 20’s and Byron in my 30’s. I had a lot of wild times when I lived in London and Surrey which were perfect antics to get up to in my 20’s. I got married to an Aussie girl and moved to sunnier climbs, had 2 kids and now settled in Brisbane with frequent visits to Byron Bay so this life style suites me perfectly now. Time to produce in my studio and play music I love in the sunshine.

static structures logo 1

All your music is illustrated with Duck pictures. Do you consider your music mind as Static Duck or Structures Duck?

Static Duck if I’m feeling experimental and Structures Duck when I’m trying to nail some precision Break Beat chops and get them sounding tight and phat ha ha ha. The Duck came from a rave in Australia. It was a drunken misunderstanding that turned into my trademark. The rubber duck always reminded me of the acid smiley face and I liked that.

static structures logo 2

Did you ever regret leaving the mother continent of the music that gives you goose bumps?

I feel that there have been clearly defined chapters in my life that all happened at the right time. I moved around a bit when I was growing up so there was never one move that I regret. I lived in Glasgow until 1995. Glasgow was generally influenced by Detroit or Chicago style House and Techno back then. I took influences from all that music too. I spent some years in South Africa in the mid to late 90’s where there was a cool underground Jungle scene in Johannesburg. Then moved back to the UK and spent some time in the Midlands before moving to London then Australia in 2008. All of these moves have had an impact on my musical taste and production and I’m glad I had the opportunity to live in all of those places and take influences from the local scene and great mates along the way.

Can you tell us what artist, track or albums have blown your ears in the past year?

I think Coco Bryce, Dead Mans Chest, and their respective labels have been pumping out quality Jungle and Rave music of recent times. I have also been loving Rupture, AKO Beats, Green Bay Wax, Sneaker Social Club and, of course, Reinforced Records still holding it down in 2020.

Any good suggestions for our readers that live or plan to go to Oz? Clubs to recommend, Artists to follow?

I guess this is a good chance to big up all my mates in the scene throughout Australia. Go check out some Brisbane based labels such as Dub Temple Records, Weird Dance Music and Drty Shdws Prjkt. All quality local labels pumping out great bass music for years. Shout out to Dank Moras for bringing the experimental bass scene to Brisbane since the mid 2000’s. DJ Lame and Nam Shub bringing the goods on 4ZZZ’s Electric Crush radio show in Brisbane every Friday night. Lots of other excellent stuff happening in Melbourne from Bevin Campbells radio show – The Blend on PBS FM and the Operatives touring the best underground acts from around the world for donkeys years. And of course the Monday night bass and dub weekly in Byron Bay with the 420 Sound Crew. Big up Baptiste and Moonshine records also. P.E.A.C.E. 

Thanks for playing the DTB Flavour game, Keep the Duck Alive!

Drumtabass Crew