Noisia, Audio, Icicle, One87 & Murdock at Kompass

audio noisia kompass
Quand ?
Vendredi 1 mars 2019, 23:00 - 07:00
Où ?
Kompass, Ottergemsesteenweg-zuid 717A, Gand

audio noisia kompass

Noisia,le tonitruant Audio, Icicle, Murdock et One87 s’invitent au hangar abrupt et si atypique, du Kompass de Gand, le 1er Mars !

Les places seront en vente dès 18h ce jeudi soir 3 janvier. Qui en sera ? Nous oui !

Kompass is preparing for a quality night of Drum & Bass. Therefore we’re inviting some of the most talented artists in the scene. Because of their solid vision, Noisia can’t be missed in this: to explore the outer edges and capabilities of electronic musicality without compromise, to turn sound design into an art and aspire to make records that sound like no one or nothing else. 


Artwork by Egle Skiparyte Photo.

Zero drug tolerance
Don’t drink & drive