PRSPCT The Hardcore Drum & Bass Resurrection – Last Show of Panacea in Drum And Bass

Quand ?
Mercredi 29 mai 2019, 22:00 - 07:00
Où ?
Factory 010, Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2 , Rotterdam


FULL LINE UP – PRSPCT – « The Hardcore Drum & Bass Resurrection » « !?

There has been a lot of speculating about this one. Time to reveal what we have in store for you all on Wednesday May 29th in that brutal Factory 010 in Rotterdam.

So here it is. The Full Line Up!?

Area 1:
The Upbeats (Vision) NZ
Audio (Ram, Virus) UK
The Panacea (PRSPCT) DE – Last NL D&B Set Ever!
Gancher & Ruin (PRSPCT) RU
Agressor Bunx (Blackout) UKR
Limewax vs Synthakt (PRSPCT) NL/AU
Thrasher vs Detest (PRSPCT) NL/DE
Buunshin (Dividid) NL

Hosted by: MC Dart & Dirty Brown Visuals

Area 2:
The Outside Agency (Genosha) NL – 6 HOUR SET!!
Adamant Scream (PRSPCT XTRM) NL

Area 3:
PRSPCT Movie Theatre
- Screening ‘No Sleep Till PRSPCT » + a ton of other documentaries!

For our Main Area we carefully selected a brutal Drum & Bass line up crossing all corners of the this genre we love so much. From heavy rollers to crushing amens. From old school PRSPCT Legends to the new generations of heroes. We got it all!

In Area 2 we managed to get the absolute Kings of industrial Hardcore to play an exclusive 6 hour set covering all things great about them and what they stand for in every BPM range and every style.

Area 3 will be turned in to a full on PRSPCT movie theatre for this event. Screening a ton of awesome documentaries including « No Sleep Till PRSPCT » of course. And yes there will be popcorn!?

So.. Wednesday may 29th its on. PRSPCT « The Hardcore Drum & Bass Resurrection will be something extra special indeed!